Isabella Pronunciation

Isabella, a beautiful and elegant name, originates from the Italian name meaning "God is my oath" and has been significant in many cultures for centuries. The pronunciation of Isabella is /ɪzəˈbɛlə/ (iz-uh-BEL-uh), where "is" is pronounced like the verb "is," "a" like in "father," and "bella" like the Italian word for "beautiful." To master the pronunciation, emphasize the third syllable (BEL-), pronounce the "z" sound softly, and end with a soft "uh" sound. Variations include /ɪzəˈbɛlɑ/ (iz-uh-BEL-ah) with a different "a" sound and /izəˈbɛlə/ (iz-uh-BE-luh) with a different syllable stress. With practice and attention to these details, you'll be able to pronounce Isabella like a pro, whether you're a language enthusiast or simply want to impress your friends.


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